The Benefits of LED Dusk-to-Dawn Security Lights

Any exterior lighting will deter crime, but only if you remember to turn it on every night, it doesn’t burn out, and the utility bills don’t drain your budget. If you choose well, though, you can install lighting and forget about it. The benefits of LED dusk-to-dawn security lights go beyond the basics for superior brightness with extra bonuses.

Automatic Illumination

Ambient light levels trigger the dusk-to-dawn light sensors, so they turn on at sunset and switch off at daybreak. Seasonal changes don’t affect their performance, nor does daylight-saving time. They can replace your outmoded lighting or brighten a new area for added safety.

Use Them Anywhere

Whatever you need illuminated, there’s a dusk-to-dawn option for you. Buy a weatherproof LED dusk-to-dawn barn light, and you can mount it directly on a wall or a pole with a horizontal mounting arm. It can help secure entrances, driveways, parking lots, and more. Or you can invest in another form of LED lighting with optional dusk-to-dawn photocells, like:

  • Floodlights
  • Wall packs
  • Streetlights
  • Area lights
  • Canopy lights

All are available with varying wattages for the amount of light you need.

Save Money and Energy

LED dusk-to-dawn security lights have benefits for your bottom line and the planet. Because they only switch on when it’s dark, they don’t use any extra power. If you had to turn them on manually, they might consume energy for hours during daylight when they’re not needed. You’ll see those gains on your utility bills. Of course, using less energy is also a boon for the environment. Any LED light is more energy-efficient than traditional lighting; however, you can multiply those positive effects when you enhance them with automatic controls.

At Revolve LED, we’re leading the charge for green lighting products. Our priorities are quality, performance, and efficiency, and dusk-to-dawn lighting is a smart solution both for businesses and the planet. You’ll find effective choices for any application on our website. Contact us if you have more questions. We’re confident that you’ll never go back to traditional lighting.

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