Konlite LED Panel Lights in an office space

How to Choose the Best LED Panel Lights for Your Space

Author: RevolveLED Team
When it comes to illuminating your office space, make sure you get the best LED panel lights to enjoy efficient and high-quality lighting. Versatil...
Konlite exit lights

Lighting the Way: A Guide to Exit Signs & Emergency Lighting Requirements

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There are stringent laws regulating exit signs and emergency lighting requirements – and for good reason. In an emergency, a clear and well-illumin...
LED High Bay light

How Many LED High Bay Lights Do I Need?

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Whether you're doing new warehouse construction or replacing light fixtures in an existing building, one of the questions you'll be asking is, "How...
LED Commercial Lights

What Are the Different Types of Commercial LED Lights?

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Lighting is a critical component of any commercial space, and choosing the right lighting solution is essential to creating a comfortable and produ...
LED Canopy light

LED Canopy Lights: Benefits, Applications & Everything You Need to Know

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LED canopy light fixtures are must-have luminaires for many different commercial and industrial applications, providing safety and security for bui...
LED Stadium Lights

The Advantages of LED Stadium Lights Are Clear to See

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As technology continues to evolve, LED stadium lights have become increasingly popular among sports facilities and organizations due to their numer...
RevolveLED LED Sports light Project

How to Retrofit Your Baseball Field Lighting with LED Stadium Lights

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Baseball field lighting is an essential component of any baseball game played after sunset. The lighting system must provide adequate illumination ...
How to choose right led high bay lights for your warehouse

How to choose right led high bay lights for your warehouse?

Author: RevolveLED Team
 Choosing the right LED high bay light for your warehouse involves several factors. Here are some of the important factors to consider when selecti...
LED Wall pack lights

Wattage Selectable LED Wall Pack Light: A Comprehensive Guide

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LED wall pack lights have become increasingly popular in recent years, as they offer a number of advantages over traditional lighting tec...
LED Lighting color temperature chart

CCT: Understanding Correlated Color Temperature of your light

Author: RevolveLED Team
Did you know color temperature (Correlated Color Temperature or CCT) is essentially a gauge of how yellow or blue the color of light emitted from a light source (bulb or chip) appears?
Konlite RHB03 MAX multi-watt LED Bay Light

New! Konlite MAX wattage/brightness selectable UFO Bay Light

Author: RevolveLED Team
The newest Konlite MAX series Round LED Bay Light features a Wattage Selectable option that allows the ability to select among 4 field adjustable wattage/brightness outputs with a simple switch.
Konlite LED Strip Light, workshop light

Strip Lights- The one that’s been around for years.

Author: RevolveLED Team
Strip Lights- The one that’s been around for years: The fluorescent strip light fixture has been a staple in our lighting industry for years. Its v...