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Konlite led emergency light dual-head square shape
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Konlite LED Emergency Light with Battery Backup - Adjustable Dual Heads - 2.4W - 120/277V - Square Shape
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LED emergency light dual head round shape
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Konlite LED Emergency Light - Battery Backup - Dual Head - Round Shape - 2.2W - 120/277V
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LED Exit Sign Red or green letter
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Konlite LED Exit Sign - Red or Green Letter Selectable - Double or Single Sided - 90 mins Battery Backup - 120/277V
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LED Exit sign with combo red or green selectable
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Konlite LED Exit Emergency Light Combo - Red or Green Letter Selectable - 3.5W - 120-277V
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LED edge-lit exit sign red letter side wall mount
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Konlite LED Edge-Lit Exit Sign - Red Letter - Single Face - 2.5W - 120-277V
$69.99 $43.65

LED Emergency Lights Illuminate Your Path to Compliance

Navigating safety regulations can be as critical as finding your way during a power outage, and our LED emergency lights ensure that both are seamless.

Our lights comply with stringent safety codes and provide reliable, continuous illumination essential in any commercial setting. Beyond meeting the basic requirements, our LED emergency lighting offers energy-efficient operation and durable performance, so you can trust its guidance during unexpected situations.

LED Emergency Lighting
LED Emergency Lights

Top-Tier LED Emergency Lighting & Commercial Exit Signs

Our selection of LED emergency lights and exit signs meets the diverse needs of any commercial environment. From the unmistakable visibility of our signs to the dependable performance of our lights, we ensure safety is always a top priority.

  • Dual-Sided LED Exit Signs: Choose from red or green lettering to align with your building's design and safety codes.
  • Energy-Efficient Emergency Lights: Engineered for lower energy consumption without sacrificing brightness.
  • Battery Backup Lights: Stay prepared with commercial emergency lights with battery backup so lighting remains operational during power outages.
  • Assorted Styles and Colors: Tailor your safety signage to your aesthetic preferences and safety requirements.

Advantages of LED Emergency Exit Lights & Signs

Like all Revolve LED lighting solutions, LED emergency exit lights epitomize energy efficiency. Designed to consume significantly less power than traditional lighting, they offer a sustainable solution that reduces energy costs and environmental impact. This efficiency doesn't sacrifice an iota of luminosity — each of our LED emergency lights provides bright, clear illumination to ensure safe evacuation paths in emergencies.

Dependable Illumination With Reliable Battery Backup

Expect uninterrupted service even during unexpected power failures. Our commercial emergency lights with battery backup kick in instantly, maintaining critical visibility when it's needed most. This reliability ensures that every exit route is adequately illuminated during emergencies, providing peace of mind and safety for all occupants.

Flexible Installation With Versatile Mounting Options

Adaptability is key in emergency lighting. Our lighted exit signs offer versatile mounting options for various architectural designs and space requirements. Whether it's a recessed fit for a sleek look or a surface mount for robust visibility, our lights accommodate your specific needs while ensuring compliance with safety standards.

Long-Term Savings With Durable LED Performance

Invest in durability with LED emergency lights engineered for longevity. Unlike traditional bulbs, our LEDs don't burn out or fail abruptly, ensuring consistent operation over extended periods. This durability translates to fewer replacements, lower maintenance costs and a better return on investment.

Compliance and Assurance With Code-Regulated Standards

Navigate the complexities of safety regulations with confidence. Our LED emergency lighting meets the strictest building codes. Each unit is tested for performance and reliability, ensuring that your premises are compliant with legal requirements and equipped with top-tier safety measures.

Innovative Design for Aesthetic Integration

Our lighted exit signs blend seamlessly into your building's aesthetic without compromising function. With a range of styles and designs, they enhance safety measures while maintaining the visual integrity of your space.

Customer-Centric Features for Enhanced Usability

We understand that emergencies can be chaotic. Our commercial exit signs and lights have user-friendly features like push-to-test buttons, easy-access battery compartments and bold lettering that you can see at a glance. These thoughtful details ensure that in times of crisis, safety is straightforward and accessible.

Environmental Responsibility With Eco-Friendly Lighting

Join the movement toward a more sustainable future. Our LED emergency lights for business are both energy-efficient and free from toxic elements such as mercury, which is often found in traditional bulbs. By choosing our LED solutions for outdoor and indoor lighting, you're opting for a product that cares for the environment both in operation and disposal.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Environments

Whether it's a retail space, an educational institution or an industrial setting, our LED emergency lights suit the unique challenges of different environments. With options for brightness, color and runtime, you can create an emergency lighting solution that caters to the specific needs of your space.

By incorporating these features into your emergency lighting strategy, you can enhance safety, ensure compliance and invest in a solution that offers both immediate and long-term benefits. Our commitment to quality and innovation means that when you choose Revolve LED emergency lights, you're investing in a reliable safety solution.

The Certifications Behind Revolve LED Emergency Lights

Revolve LED emergency lights are backed by a suite of certifications ensuring that they meet and exceed industry standards for safety, energy efficiency and environmental impact:

  • UL Listed for Damp Locations: Demonstrates compliance with North American safety standards.
  • NFPA: The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Life Safety Code 101 is updated every three years to include the latest safety measures. It requires emergency lighting for all occupied structures to guide people safely out during emergencies. The code specifies performance requirements for emergency lights for business, such as brightness levels and duration, ensuring they're effective in guiding occupants to exits and along egress pathways. It also mandates the automatic operation of emergency lighting during power failures and sets out requirements for emergency power supply systems (EPSS)​.
  • NEC: The National Electric Code (NEC) is a comprehensive set of electrical Code requirements governing electrical installations for the safety of people and property.
  • OSHA: The Ohio Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) provides requirements for commercial exit signs and lighting, as well as their placement and location.

Frequently Asked Questions About LED Emergency Lights

Below, we've answered some common questions about LED emergency lights. Please contact us for additional information – we're always glad to help!

What Is the Lifespan of LED Emergency Lighting?

LED emergency lighting has an extensive lifespan, often exceeding 50,000 hours of use, which reduces the frequency of replacements.

How Often Should LED Emergency Exit Lights Be Tested?

We recommend that you test LED emergency exit lights monthly for a short duration and conduct a full 90-minute discharge test annually, per NFPA standards.

What Maintenance Do LED Lighted Exit Signs Require?

Beyond regular testing, LED lighted exit signs require minimal maintenance. It's essential to keep them clean and periodically check their batteries and connections.

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Get on the Path to Safety With Revolve LED Emergency Lights

Don't wait for an emergency to find out if your lighting is up to standard. Equip your space with reliable Revolve LED emergency lights and ensure a well-lit evacuation route at all times. With energy efficiency and long-lasting performance, our commercial exit signs and lights offer the peace of mind and compliance you need. Order yours today!

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