Round High Bay Lighting

Round high bay

Unless you’re new to LED lighting chances are you’ve heard of UFO’s, milky pizza lights (yes, that really happened), and all sorts of other interesting nick names for bay lighting.  Well, the round high bay is no exception.  Commonly referred to as a “UFO” the round high bay light gets it’s nickname from it’s simple disc shaped appearance.

LED chips for high bay lightsModern solid state LED lighting technology has progressed at a very rapid pace.  In the process many people unfamiliar with the lighting business prior to LED have jumped in head first and have essentially started coining their own terminology based on what is familiar to them and what they think their marketplace will respond to. 

What all these nick names boil down to is the Round High Bay which is arguably the most popular retrofit option for people using older HID technology such as metal halide, mercury vapor, or sodium lamps (HPS).

Bay ceiling light installationEasy Installation
With a variety of easy installation options available you can install these fixtures with a bracket mount, NPT/Pendent, or by suspending them from the O hook or J-hook (varies by model/manufacturer).  Our Konlite Round High Bay Comes with an 8 foot cord fitted with a standard Type B 3 prong plug so it can simply be plugged in to a receptacle if available when installed.  Many commercial bay ceilings are fitted with receptacles running along a conduit in the ceiling allowing for fixtures to be swapped easily. 

LED lights are maintenance freeMaintenance Free For Life
A big benefit to upgrading to LED for these kinds of fixtures is in the maintenance savings.  No longer do you have to risk employees using unsafe equipment to reach high ceilings and swap lamps or having to pay expensive contractors for relamping and no more wait time if the power blinks either.  LED is instant on with no warmup or restrike time needed.  Over the course of the L70 50,000 hour life the maintenance savings alone pay for the fixtures many times over. 

LED lighting savingsLumen maintenance – or, in simple terms how much of the original output a fixture continues to produce across the span of it’s rated life is significantly higher than HID.  While an HID lamp might lose as much as 50% of it’s original output in under 10,000 hours leaving you with poorly illuminated areas our LED high bay is certified to maintain no less than 70% of it’s original output for 50,000 hours.

In addition to superior lumen maintenance the optics used to control the output of LED lighting focus the lumen output entirely where it is needed unlike traditional HID in which high wattage is used to produce excess lumens in order to make up for the poor lumen maintenance and for the light that bleeds out into areas where it is not needed.

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