How To Choose the Right LED Wall Pack Light

They save on energy, are incredibly long-lasting, and look great. In fact, exterior LED wall pack lights are so effective that they can add to the overall value of a commercial building. The illumination is a brighter white than other options, showcasing your property’s appearance while providing ample security. There’s no arguing with the benefits of this exterior lighting, but you should keep a few factors in mind when shopping for them. Learn how to choose the right LED wall pack light so that you’re making the best investment for your business.

Do You Need a Standard Wall Pack?

Our most popular seller is the Traditional LED Wall Pack designed to distribute light in a wide, generous out and down beam pattern. It’s an energy saving modern take on an original design that will brighten dark areas, walkways and provide security.

Do You Only Want Downward Light?

With a Full Cutoff LED Wall Pack, you can concentrate all the illumination straight down- just where you need it and prevents light from emitting upward.

Perfect for: Dark-Sky compliance, Signage, walkways, schools, outdoor restaurant seating, and building entrances.

Do You Need To Adjust the Beam?

A Slim LED Wall Pack allows you to adjust the light beam with a spring-loaded locking hinge. You can aim the light downward or forward. It minimizes glare and backlight, too.

Perfect for: Architectural and landscape features, walkways, building perimeters, carports, garages, entrances, and exits.

Is Limited Space an Issue?

An LED Mini Wall Pack can fit where you need it to with a high-efficiency beam. The compact and durable fixture is suitable for both commercial and residential buildings.

Perfect for: Building facades, barns, sheds, pathways, stairwells, entrances, and exits.

Do You Need Dusk to Dawn Automation?

If you’d like your lights to turn on at sunset and off at sunrise, you can choose Dusk to Dawn technology with light-measuring photocells. These features improve security while saving on energy.

Do You Need Certifications?

A quality LED wall pack light will meet certain qualifications. You can find fixtures with these respected endorsements:

  • ROHS compliance (Restriction of Certain Hazardous Substances)
  • DLC certification (DesignLights Consortium-approved)
  • UL certification (Underwriters Laboratories-approved)
  • ETL certification (Intertek Electrical Testing Labs-approved)
  • IDA Dark Sky Approved (International Dark-Sky Association)

Are You Retrofitting To LED Lights?

Contact Revolve LED for more information on which new fixtures will replace your older lighting seamlessly.

If you don’t have any special requirements, choosing the right LED wall pack light is easy. You can take a look at the “Traditional” category of our commercial LED wall light packs and find something appropriate for you. Revolve LED believes in more energy-efficient, cost-efficient, and long-lasting lighting. You can have confidence in our expertise and our products.

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