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About LED Stadium Lights

What are LED Stadium lights?

LED Stadium lights are powerful LED flood lights that enhance the visibility of large indoor and outdoor stadiums or arenas. The LED light emits quality lights that will keep players and spectators safe and ensure everyone can see the actions. The right lighting is essential to the full enjoyment of a sporting event.

What are the benefits of LED Stadium light?

Energy efficient LED Stadium lights decrease power consumption by 65%, enhance visibility with fewer lighting fixtures, reduce the monthly utility bill by up to 83%. Corrosion resistance and longer lifetime than metal halide or HID counterparts provide a drastic reduction of maintenance expenses. Instant-on, no start up time improves the safety and comfort of all who uses the facility.

Where are LED Stadium lights used?

LED Stadium lights are widely used in sports fields, courts, stadiums, and other outdoor and indoor recreational fields to provide near day-light visibility for both players and spectators. They can also be used in commercial applications such as car parks, logistical distribution ports or roadways, and industrial applications like factories or manufacturing facilities, construction sites, and oil fields. Konlite KVG series LED Stadium light can be safely used in corrosive environments, including waterfront and marine seaports.

How do I choose LED sports light?

It depends on the purpose of your application. When buying LED stadium lights, it is imperative to consider the type of light you need. If you want to place the light at mounting height of 40 ft and under, then shoebox/area lights are a perfect choice. For mounting height over 40 ft, LED stadium lights will provide the optimum illumination required for the application. Planning and designing Stadium Light layout can be very complicated, that’s why we are here for you. Revolve LED can provide custom layout services or lighting recommendations to assist you in the process of achieving the result that you expect at the most competitive price. Give us a call today: 1-877-718-0808 or email us: contact@revolveled.com

Is there a difference between Stadium Light and Sport Light?

Sport Light is a category that describe all lighting luminaries that are used for sporting venues. Stadium Light falls under the Sport Light category, it offers the most powerful lighting output to provide illumination for bigger venues. It is also classified as High Mast Lights.
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