LED Wall  Pack energy savings

Wait- You haven’t updated your building’s wall packs to LED yet?  What are you waiting for –First impressions can leave a lasting impact. It’s a quick install and provides monthly savings for your operating budget by reducing utility bills.

LED outdoor lighting improves Safety and Security for people, property and vehicles: From parking lots, entryway, receiving docks to back doors- LED wall pack lights can help deter liabilities, crime and prevent injury associated with inadequate lighting.

Yes- LED lighting improves property value and will sell or lease faster than other buildings not updated: Well-lit properties and buildings attract tenants, clients, shoppers and employees.

All companies should share the responsibility to commit to an energy efficient way of operations that promotes Environmental Stewardship.

Konlite LED wallpack lightup a commercial building
Wall pack are terms that describe the outdoor lighting that is commonly mounted on the exterior walls of buildings. There are three main issues surrounding conventional wall pack lighting: high energy costs, frequent maintenance, and lighting performance concerns. Here’s how LED wall packs make for the best option:

Energy Savings:

LED wall packs have a quick ROI with reduced power savings and is a DLC Rebate eligible product.

Our Konlite WP05 Traditional wall pack lights range from 40watt to 120watt with lumen outputs of 4800 to 17,400 lumens, as compared to HID or HPS conventional wall packs.  That’s an average savings of 65% immediate power consumption that can be realized by just switching to an LED wall pack.

LED Lighting Performance:

Longer lifetimes produce greater cost savings. LED lights offer up to 50,000 + hours of burn time while consuming less energy in the process for an improved efficiency.

LED wall pack lighting provides even beam distribution; improved uniformity. Light levels across a given surface will vary less between fixture mounting locations. This is when compared to HID fixtures, which often produce a “bright spot” directly underneath the fixture with light levels decreasing drastically as the distance between fixtures increases.

Safely operates with no infrared (IR) or ultraviolet (UV) emissions and operates under cold temperatures for instant on use with no warm up time needed.

Controllability- Dusk to Dawn Photocell options offer further energy savings and security.

Maintenance Cost Reduction:

Made from durable corrosion proof housing, fully gasketed and includes either a shatterproof glass or polycarbonate lens – LED wall packs can withstand all weather elements. Wall Pack lighting often has higher mounting heights. No more changing ballast or bulbs and needing a ladder or costly lift. The longer lifespan of LED means that fixtures need to be changed less often. Replacing and repairing conventional lighting adds up in the form of labor and parts cost.

At REVOLVE LED, we offer high performance LED wall packs to fit any exterior application. All styles offer the same energy efficiency and savings from Traditional (standard)Full CutoffMini wall light, Rotatable or Slim adjustable wall pack.

So what are you waiting for- change that wall pack today and start saving and enhance your security with better visibility. Browse our online selection or contact us today at: 1-877-718-0808 and we’ll be glad to assist with your LED wall pack selection.

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