Warehouse LED Highbay lights

Upgrade with LED and get the most out of your Warehouse Lighting

By upgrading your warehouse lighting to LED - your budget will immediately benefit from reduced energy costs. Customers with traditional HID high bay lighting experience an average of 60% annual savings in energy costs when they switch to LED. That savings is often large enough to recoup the initial conversion cost within the first few years.

Due to ceiling heights and square footage, most warehouses require high wattage lighting. These typically produce high electric bills and require time consuming maintenance. By switching to long-lasting LED, you’ll brighten areas with even the highest ceilings while lowering energy consumption.

And while long-term savings are great, maybe you’re worried about the up-front costs of upgrading your old fixtures. Revolve LED warehouse lighting is DLC Qualified, making our fixtures eligible for energy incentive rebates. Check with your Utility Provider for available rebates being offered and how to apply for your savings.

Revolve LED offers quality LED high and low bay lights for a variety of needs and to meet any budget:

Linear High Bay

The LED linear bay light has become a popular general purpose lighting option due to its new architectural compact design of 1x2, 1x4, 2x2 and quick-easy installation. This is a preferred lighting replacement where inefficient HID, T5 or T8 Fluorescent bay lights may have previously been used.

Ranging from 90 watts to 380 watts with lumen output efficiencies from 12,600 lumens to 56,000 lumens.  All models are UL wet rated, 5-7 year warranty and DLC Premium certified for maximum energy provider rebates where applicable.

UFO Round High Bay

This compact design is easy to install, meets any budget and a Contractor favorite. Ranging from 67 watts to 250 watts with lumen output from 9,100 to 37,500 Lumens. Excellent color rendition compared to HID/HPS with uniform 120° broad beam illumination. IP66 rated; Corrosion proof black or white coating, fully sealed for dust and moisture intrusion. Certified Quality: DLC Premium for eligible rebates, UL, 5 year warranty.

Controls and Emergency Battery Backup options are also available for your warehouse LED High Bay lighting. Both the LED linear high bay and UFO Round High Bay lights are dimmable through controls and able to respond to the environment around them. Motion sensors can detect exactly when people are entering a particular zone and with the ‘instant on’ feature, dimmed lights could be brought up to 100% immediately.

No matter the size of your warehouse, our Lighting team is here to help with every step of your lighting upgrade; from lighting layouts or to answer questions you may have. Give us a call at 1-877-718-0808 or email us at contact@revolveled.com

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