LED provides Safe and Secure Environments

Providing Safe and Secure Environments with LED Lighting

Lighting is a critical component of safe environments for both employees and visitors alike. The way people work now has evolved and so should your lighting. Providing the appropriate light levels as determined by the Illuminating Engineering Society Standards is top priority for any organization to ensure well-being and deter crime.                    

Parking Lots

Wonder why the very first warning you see printed or hear in regards to safety is Park in a “well-lit area”? When employees are working hours outside of traditional daylight, it’s imperative that parking lots are lit with enough coverage for adequate visibility. Regardless of the presence of security guards for escort, proper LED lighting relieves anxiety by reducing accidents, deterring criminal activity, and creates an inviting experience.

LED Parking lot lights

Parking Garages

Parking garages, which are either partially or fully enclosed or elevated above grade; offer much less natural surveillance further constrained by sloping ramps and multiple levels. Because of their closed off structures and isolation from main buildings, parking garages are another place energy-efficient LED lights are most necessary. When considering an upgrade, take into account that more than 10 percent of property crimes take place in parking lots or parking garages, according to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics. 

• Parked cars provide hiding places and need the directionality of LED lighting.
• Most parking facilities are open to the public.
• An offender’s car is not likely to be noted as strange or memorable in a public parking facility.

Schools and Office Buildings
Whether a facility has a full time dedicated Maintenance Department, for an office or a school facility- safety is of paramount importance for both employees, students and visitors on the property. Proper parking lot lighting and lighting in remote locations of the property allow a great sense of security and better visibility to avoid accidents. With LED lights lasting longer, custodial staffs aren’t constantly dealing with replacement problems and the challenges of dark areas going unnoticed will be resolved.

LED provides Safe and Secure Environments

Industrial and Manufacturing Areas

Industrial, warehouse and manufacturing environments need robust LED lighting solutions that improve overall even light distribution, minimize maintenance, and most of all improve safety. High bay LED lights easily illuminate large production areas and allows workers to better see the task at hand. With improved visibility, productivity will increase while accidents decrease.

Eliminate Dark within your Building Areas

Inside of large industrial and manufacturing environments, proper lighting is critical for the safety and productivity of employees, vendors, and other people visiting the premises. Outdated lighting technology such as high pressure sodium, metal halide or fluorescent can make it challenging to provide adequate coverage for an entire facility, especially in remote areas of a warehouse. With LED lights, you can have precise control where lights are positioned, and the type of distribution they have. This helps to eliminate wasted light and create better overall light coverage in a property.

For businesses looking to eliminate “dark areas”, installing commercial or industrial LED lighting is a crucial step in modernizing the property overall. For those focused on greater efficiency, commercial LED lighting can be setup with dimming switches for end users to have added control and save on energy costs. To completely maximize efficiency, integrating lighting controls like sensors can use motion or heat sensing capabilities to adjust lighting in specific areas. So, if a meeting is over in a conference room or when manufacturing has shut down for the day, LED lighting controls can turn off the lighting in certain areas of the property automatically. Additionally, daylight harvesting control for commercial buildings can adjust lighting levels when existing daylight is already available.

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