Industrial LED lights

In today’s energy conscious environment, LED retrofitting has become an increasingly popular option for Industrial warehouses and Manufacturing centers throughout the world. While the energy saving benefits of LEDs are obvious, there are other benefits that business owners and building managers should consider when making the decision to retrofit their facilities to LED lighting. These include significantly reduced maintenance costs, as well as improved lighting quality.

A key benefit of LED lights for Industrial environments is: LED lifetime.  Properly designed LED lighting fixtures can last well beyond the 50,000 hours that are advertised in the industry, which can be extremely beneficial especially in an industrial setting.  Facility managers- just image how it would be where your Industrial LED lights are installed and you don’t have to bring out another scissor lift to change a light bulb or ballast for over 5 years. Just think of all the projects a facilities management team could accomplish in the free time they have once lighting maintenance is eliminated.

Overall, switching to LEDs provides an environment that’s more aesthetically pleasing and also more conducive to safety and productivity. For these reasons, LED retrofitting is something your business should seriously consider when looking to improve your facilities and your bottom line.

At Revolve LED, our lighting solutions are designed to maximize energy savings while significantly reducing installation and maintenance costs to ensure the utmost safety and productivity of your facility. Our customers enjoy an average payback period of less than 2-3 years with fixtures that last more than 10 years. The significant reduction in maintenance costs results in savings that enhance profitability.

Types of Industrial / Commercial Lighting:

LED High Bays: High performance, versatile lighting fixtures intended for high ceilings that give powerful illumination over a wide area. We offer many types of high bay lighting solutions for various applications such as warehouses, factories, gymnasiums, commercial buildings, manufacturing centers and other industrial facilities.  LED Lighting saves energy and reduces costs. LED Lights are up to 65% more efficient than traditional lighting with practically zero maintenance. ROHS compliant – No toxic heavy metals such as mercury, Long service life, Reduces mistakes and workplace accidents resulting in improved workplace safety and productivity.

Konlite Round UFO Lights

Konlite LED Round UFO High Bay Series: Series offers wattage from 100watt to 250watt with Lumen range from 15,000 to 37,500. Designed for quick, easy installation. Each unit comes with 8' quick connect cord and plug or optional whip, Advanced aluminum heat sink for enhanced air flow, lower operating temperature and top efficiency, Increase energy savings with optional integrated PIR sensor. DLC Premium certified qualifying for maximum rebates where applicable.

Konlite Linear LED bay lights

LED Linear High Bay Series:  Series offers wattage from 90watt to 370watt with Lumen range from 12,600 to 50,500. Designed for quick, easy installation- Each unit comes with V Hook and hanging chain, Assembly made of heavy duty gauge steel, rigidly designed to resist twisting and bowing, DLC Premium certified qualifying for maximum rebates where applicable.  High performance LED optics, Available with optional motion sensor to maximize power savings.

Revolve LED provides top-quality and highly sought-after LED lighting solutions for warehouse and industrial applications. Our lighting products provide illumination that’s cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and improves overall workplace safety. As a manufacturer of commercial and industrial lighting products, we understand the benefits of LEDs, particularly for a business with extensive lighting needs.

Our products have provided thousands of businesses with the opportunity to make the switch to LED technology. Learn more about how Revolve LED and how we can help improve your lighting by giving us a call at 1-877-718-0808 or email us at

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