Ballast Bypass LED tubes

There are many reasons why bypassing the ballast on your fixture will create the most long-term benefits. Ballasts will eventually fail and require a replacement, creating an added expense in both cost and time for you. No need to go back and replace a ballast at a later time when you can reduce immediate maintenance cost from the start.

When you bypass the ballast, you are directly wiring your lights and the double-ended technology can operate with your existing tombstones. These work straight off the line voltage flowing directly to the sockets. Ballasts use more energy as they require more power to run, so maximize the energy-savings offered by LEDs and spend much less on your electricity bill. UL Type B LED lamps (tubes) offer the best system efficiency; no additional power consumption is drawn from a ballast. LEDs have their own driver inside them that act like your old ballast to control/regulate the power needed to illuminate a tube.

Tube lighting is one of the most used types of lighting in commercial spaces and odds are you encounter tube lighting every day without even realizing. Whether fluorescent or LED, it’s likely that you have seen these lamps in hospitals, schools, office buildings, barns, automotive centers, stores, basements, garages or supermarkets. If you’ve ever had the chance to step into a warehouse, they would surely be there. Fluorescent tubes were the most commonly used fixtures in commercial spaces for many years. They were bright, hot, and energy-draining. Thanks to LED technology, fluorescent has been replaced for several reasons:

Cost-Savings and Efficiency

LED Tubes offer sustainability – both environmentally and financially – especially in commercial spaces requiring high quantities of lights. Unlike fluorescent tubes, LEDs are significantly more energy-efficient and are therefore more sustainable for the earth and for your wallet, without sacrificing lumens. Cuts energy use 50-60% over fluorescent.  LED Tubes are efficient, mercury-free, and have average lifespan of 50,000 hours, making them a favorable option over their old-school fluorescent counterparts. Additionally, LEDs do not give off heat like fluorescent do, so your AC unit can work more efficiently, without wasting money and energy.

Eye Strain

LED Tubes easily replace those not-so-great, harsh fluorescent lights that make your eyes hurt if you spend too long beneath them. Since LEDs do not emit UV like fluorescent, you will avoid the eye strain and fatigue commonly associated with fluorescent lighting. No more humming or buzzing from the old fluorescent ballast.

LED bulbs

Even though they served us well, it is become increasingly rare to see fluorescent lights in commercial spaces these days, as many industries are now opting to replace existing fluorescent lighting with LEDs. Thanks to their long lifespan and high level of energy-efficiency, LEDs provide unmatched savings and lighting you can rely on, proving to be the most cost-effective lighting solution available.

Our most popular Ballast Bypass double end LED tube is the 8 foot FA8 or R17D replacement for F96T12 or F96T8. Available in both clear and frost lens to provide even illumination, while the aluminum frame is both durable and lightweight.  Available in both 32 watt and 42 watt with 5000K CCT and output range of 4100-6720 lumens.

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