LED Panel light, a top choice in Lighting

What business wouldn’t want to reduce their energy consumption by 65% and lower the monthly utility bill – All while giving their business an updated look? We’ve had hundreds of customers do just that- many tell us it’s the facelift their building needed or how much more they enjoy their space due to the clean aesthetics and pleasing visual look the LED Panels provide.

led panels in a cateriaAs an economical retrofit, LED Panels are designed to replace existing 1x4, 2x2 and 2x4 fluorescent lights installed in “Drop Ceilings” also referred to as T-Bar or Grid ceilings. LED Panels are also the top lighting choice for new construction. Often called Flat Panels; these are ideal for commercial, retail, office, church, schools, healthcare, restaurants and residential use. Revolve LED offers a variety of LED Panels to meet any need.

led panels in a gym area

LED panels are designed with advanced optics to achieve an even, glare-free illumination. Seamless corners maximize light emitting surface areas. The white frost lens is UV resistant polycarbonate that will not discolor with age. Provides for a 120° beam spread of crisp light across the entire lens with no dark spots.

Easy to install- the slim, low profile design is light weight and resists bowing. Vibration resistant and includes grid retention (earthquake) side tabs. The white powder coated, anti-corrosion aluminum frame provides solid support for the fixture.

LEDs are integrated into the fixture- No more replacing or having to recycle glass fluorescent tubes or disrupting daily operations for relamping. LED Panels contain no hazardous mercury or lead and are RoHS compliant. You can expect these LED panels to run maintenance free for many years to come. Depending on the Certification, most LED panels are a guaranteed lifetime use of 50,000-100,000 hours.

Because LED Panels do not receive input power from a ballast- there is no humming, warm up time or flickering that we’ve become accustomed to with a fluorescent!

LED Panels are 0-10V Dimmable when used with low voltage wiring. Requires purple and black leads back to 0-10V dimmer switch. Lutron and Leviton are popular 0-10V Dimmer Brands.

There are currently two types of LED panels in the US market. The difference between the panels is the location of the LEDs and how light is dispersed. Both are high performance - energy efficient models and provide exceptional lighting.

Edge-Lit LED Panels: LEDs are arranged along the inside edges of the panel fixture. A light guide plate directs the light to a diffuser that evenly disburses the glare free light edge to edge across the surface of the lens.

Back-Lit Panels: LEDs are arranged directly across the back of the panel fixture- so that a guide plate is not needed. A diffuser is used to ensure even edge to edge distribution without hotspots or glare across the panel lens.

All LED Panels at Revolve LED are DLC® Design Light Consortium certified for Energy Provider rebates where eligible and UL certified for safety ratings.

We also offer LED Panel Emergency Battery Backup Drivers for when the power fails that will provide 90 minutes of emergency lighting.

Universal 120-277V, Multiple CCT Choices: 3500K, 4000K, 5000K Models with selectable wattage and lumen output are also available. Mounting Options: Grid Ceiling, Surface Mount Kit, Suspension Cable
LED panel for conference room
LED panel for office lobby or family room

Shop our LED Panels today and watch your power bill decrease while your building steps up its visual appeal!

Revolve LED is here to assist you with your LED Panel selection or answer your questions. We offer bulk discounts for larger quantity install needs. You can view our LED Panels here or give us a call at: 1-877-718-0808

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