Reasons To Install LED Lighting in Public Parks

Our parks are the places we come together to enjoy the outdoors, relax, and play. But we need to take care of them if they’re to serve the community for a long time to come. That’s why there are so many reasons to install LED lighting in public parks.

Safety Concerns

There are natural elements in parks that can become hazards if you can’t see them: tree roots, holes, rocks, slippery areas. Even the best maintained public space needs to avoid dim areas and shadows to prevent injuries and accidents. With flood lights and area lights, you can thoroughly illuminate the park so residents can enjoy it without hesitation.

Crime Deterrent

Criminals need someplace to work, but they don’t care to be highly visible when they’re doing it. Without proper lighting, public parks are the perfect place for them to convene. But with LED lights that don’t burn out as quickly as traditional lighting, criminal activity will avoid the area.

Energy Savings

LED lights use dramatically less energy than other kinds of lighting, with illumination that’s comparable or even much better. That’s very much in keeping with the spirit of public parks: preserved community spaces that are lit with fixtures that can help preserve the planet.

Lower Utility Bills

While LED lighting can be more expensive up-front, it lasts so much longer and uses less energy that it saves significant money for municipalities in the long run. Even better, with an outdoor wall light with dusk to dawn sensor or other lighting solutions, the LED lights can automatically switch on when the sun sets, and off when the sun rises. Not one extra minute of energy is wasted.

Community Confidence

LED fixtures and technology are developing to improve the efficiency and the look of large-area lighting. Maybe the best reason to install LED lighting in public parks is to transform them into vibrant spaces that cities and neighborhoods can feel safe in, night or day. Revolve LED has a variety of outdoor lighting possibilities to fit any design or budget. Contact us for information about how we can improve the beauty and functionality of your community spaces. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter!

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