Konlite RHB03 MAX multi-watt LED Bay Light
Konlite RHB03 MAX multi-watt LED Bay Light

Sometimes, the customer isn't exactly sure what they want. Field selectable fixtures reduce the guesswork for electrical contractors by allowing lighting performance to be chosen during installation. The newest Konlite MAX series Round LED Bay Light features a Wattage Selectable option that allows the ability to select among 4 field adjustable wattage/brightness outputs with a simple switch.

Konlite RHB03 MAX multi-watt LED Bay Light

 A low/high bay light that is too dim or too bright can affect the daily operations of the space- from employee productivity to safety. You can now select your brightness and efficiency during install to assure the Lumen output meets the application and provides the amount of light you want and need for your area.

Available in Black or White

Four Field Selectable Brightness Settings 150Lm/W:

80w/12,000 Lm, 100w/15,000 Lm, 120w/18,000 Lm, 150w/22,000 Lm        Preset at: 150w

180w/27,000 Lm, 200w/30,000 Lm, 220w/33,000 Lm, 240w/36,000 Lm      Preset at: 240w

The customer can control the lighting system's performance by seeing these options in their actual space. Even after installation, users can adjust the lighting system to accommodate when changes are made to the original space. We get many calls regarding new "Pole Barns" aka Man Caves, wanting to use the UFO bay lighting because there is a Task-Area or locations that have Multi-Levels or Multi-Bays. The Konlite MAX is a great solution. Or, for a lighting upgrade to an existing building, this can be valuable, particularly if the application has different space types and ceiling heights.

These type of environments utilizing the selectable options may take a little more time during installation, but service efficiency can increase by leaving a satisfied customer.

Konlite RHB03 MAX multi-watt LED Bay Light in different applications

 The Konlite MAX series bay light provides high quality illumination with optimal energy savings for the best blend of affordability and high performance.  Browse the Konlite MAX series bay lights today or give us a call and let us know how we can assist with your next lighting project:  877-718-0808








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