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the KONLITE WP05 Traditional LED 
Wall Pack Series Often the first choice in starting a building LED retrofit or new construction is the outdoor exterior LED Wall Pack. Providing safety and security while enhancing your building's appearance attracts tenants, clients,shoppers and employees – and therefore increases your property value.

Known for reduced energy savings and zero maintenance, our popular Konlite LED Wall Packs are sealed and gasketed for water and dust intrusion, 0-10V dimmable, operate efficiently in all temperatures and climate conditions, resist shock and vibration, use corrosion proof coatings, are DLC certified for Energy Rebates where available, provide up to 65% power consumption savings and offer a 5 Yr. Manufacturer Warranty.

LED outdoor exterior wall light fixture installation J-BOXDesigned to replicate traditional incandescent wall packs, the high performance Konlite WP05 Traditional LED Wall Pack is a top choice for contractors and building owners for its energy savings and ease of installation. Manufacturers have stayed fairly consistent in physical sizing of LED wall packs so that when a traditional is removed for retrofit and there is some type of aesthetic damage- the new LED wall pack will cover it saving on labor cost. Using the included wall pack mounting plate, the WP05 is designed for a quick 1-man installation.

Providing a forward throw, the wide flood distribution and even illumination allows you to brighten even the darkest areas around your building. 110° directional beam spread and white 5000K light provides better visibility. We often hear back from our lake and land property owners how pleased they are with the WP05 use for their docks, boat houses and barns. An optional use Dusk to Dawn built in photocell feature is included on all Konlite WP05 Traditional LED Wall Packs. We’ve done the work for you. Pre-installed is a time saver- Simply remove the Daylight Sensor Cap to activate and you’re set! Don’t want to use the Dusk to Dawn photocell option: Leave the Daylight Sensor Cap ON - Do not remove.

Maintenance Free: No more replacing bulbs or having to rent lifts to reach your exterior wall packs. 5-7 year / 50,000 + hours of operation lifetime usage. Lens is high end borosilicate glass which provides crisp illumination and no yellow UV discoloration.

The Konlite WP05 Traditional LED Wall Pack light is one of our customer’s favorite and a top exterior seller. It is offered in multiple wattages, lumens, CCT and price points, all with the same certifications, warranty and performance satisfaction. These instant on / no warm up rugged constructed units provide the durability needed for all outdoor environments. Ideal for walkways, building perimeters, entrances, loading and parking areas. Revolve LED has a cost effective Traditional LED wall pack to meet your required lighting output and budgets.

View our In Stock / Quick Ship 120-277V, ETL, DLC certified Konlite WP05 Traditional LED Wall Pack options today:

40watt, 5800 Lumen, 5000K
60watt, 8700 Lumen, 5000K
80watt, 11,600 Lumen, 5000K
100watt, 14,500 Lumen, 5000K
120watt, 17,400 Lumens, 5000K
Konlite Traditional led wall pack

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Konlite traditional led wall pack

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