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Advantages of LED Linear Bay Lights

Energy efficient, high performance and long lifespan make the LED linear bay light a popular choice for various environments from warehouse aisles to your local gymnasium to livestock barns. LED linear high bay fixtures serve as the preferred lighting replacement where inefficient HID, T5 or T8 Fluorescent bay lights may have previously been used. These fixtures are easy to install and greatly improve light uniformity, while saving up to 65% in energy consumption. With no maintenance cost and utility bill savings- you will see a quick return on your investment.

Warehouses usually have a large number of shelves. Only the openings between the shelves and the goods stored on the shelves need to be illuminated. Visibility is key in areas with manufacturing lines, inventory storage or machinery. LED linear high bay lights are an excellent choice for aisle lighting. These narrow and medium light distribution fixtures can focus light in the area that needs to be illuminated, so that light waste can be avoided.  Shadowed shelves slow an order picking process or make the merchandise you want to sell look dull. Wasting light across a top shelf where no one is looking, is costly wasted energy.

Not just for Aisle Lighting: 

Konlite Linear LED Highbay Light

The LED linear bay light has become a popular general purpose lighting option due to its new architectural compact design of 1x2, 1x4, 2x2 and quick-easy installation.    It is suitable for workshops, barns, riding arenas, warehouse, gymnasium, gas station, shopping mall, garages, convention centers, educational facilities, loft spaces and more.

Rugged construction- assembly made of heavy duty gauge steel designed to resist twisting and bowing. Made with attached integrated LED strips with optional clear or frost lens to diffuse uniform light, no bulbs to change. The LED drivers are mounted to a gear component which is integrally constructed with the housing but is thermally isolated from the light assembly. Linear lights can be surface mounted or suspended by chain or cable.

What’s more, LED linear high bay lights are dimmable through controls and able to respond to the environment around them. Motion sensors can detect exactly when people are entering a particular zone and with the ‘instant on’ feature, dimmed lights could be brought up to 100% immediately.

Konlite LED Linear Bay Lights in Sports Area

We offer quality LED linear high and low bay lights for a variety of needs and to meet any budget. Ranging from 90 watts to 380 watts with lumen output efficiencies from 12,600 lumens to 56,000 lumens.  All models are UL wet rated, 5-7 year warranty and DLC Premium certified for maximum energy provider rebates where applicable.

Revolve LED offers free lighting layout services to assist you with all your lighting projects. Give us a call at 877-718-0808 or provide a few key details on our Layout Request Form and one of our lighting specialist will contact you.

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