Commercial Low Bay LED Lights

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Konlite UFO Round LED High Bay light
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MAX UFO LED Bay Light - 5000K - 150W/120W/100W Selectable - 23,500LM - 120-277V - 400W Equal
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White LED UFO High bay
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MAX UFO LED Bay Light - White - 150W - 3 Watts Selectable - 23,550LM - 5000K - 400W Equal
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Watts selectable and color selectable Konlite UFO Round LED High Bay light
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MAX UFO LED Bay Light - 23000 Lumens - 150W - 40K/50K Selectable - 3 Wattage Selectable
$119.99 $94.95

Illuminate Your Building With LED Low Bay Lighting

If your ceilings are 15 feet or lower, LED low bay lights are the proper solution for your space.

Low bay lighting fixtures that use LEDs are your best choice because they'll provide you with many years of energy-saving performance. LED low bay lights operate so efficiently that when you switch from outdated fixtures, you'll notice significant savings on your utility bill. These lights also emit bright, high-quality illumination, ensuring enhanced visibility and productivity in commercial and industrial environments. Furthermore, due to their long-lasting nature, low bay LED fixtures contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing carbon emissions and minimizing waste.

Commercial low bay LED lights
Commercial low bay LED lights

Types of Low Bay Lighting

The different types of LED low bay lighting offer versatile solutions for various applications by enhancing visibility, productivity and energy efficiency in indoor spaces. Low bay LED fixtures combine style and function to provide the best kind of lighting for your commercial or industrial building. The two types of LED low bay lights are:

  • Round (or UFO): Characterized by their round, disc-like shape, UFO low bay lights provide 360-degree lighting distribution. They're typically suspended from the ceiling and offer wide-angle illumination, making them suitable for large open areas such as warehouses, factories and gymnasiums.
  • Linear: These elongated fixtures are commonly found in commercial and industrial settings, such as supermarkets, storage facilities and parking garages. Linear low bay LED lights provide evenly distributed light, ensuring excellent visibility along the length of the space.

Frequently Asked Questions About Low Bay LED Lights

Following are commonly-asked questions about low bay LED lights. Please reach out if there's anything else you'd like to know about our LED low bay lighting solutions.

How Long Does LED Low Bay Lighting Last?

LED low bay lighting has a significantly longer lifespan than traditional lighting sources. On average, low bay LED fixtures can last 50,000 to 100,000 hours, depending on the quality of the fixture and the manufacturer. This longevity reduces the frequency of replacement and maintenance, resulting in cost savings over time.

Are Low Bay LED Fixtures Easy to Install?

Low bay LED fixtures are generally easy to install. Available with various mounting options that allow for convenient installation on ceilings or suspension from chains or hooks. Some fixtures may also have adjustable brackets or arms to assist with positioning and directing the light as needed.

What's the Difference Between LED Low Bay Lights and High Bay Lights?

Following are the key distinctions between LED low bay lights and high bay lights:

  • Ceiling Height: LED low bay lights are designed for spaces with lower ceilings, typically up to 15 feet in height, while high bays are engineered for ceilings 15 feet or higher.
  • Lumen Output: High bay lighting generally has a higher lumen output than low bay lighting to compensate for the greater distance between the fixture and the working plane. The higher lumen output ensures that the required light levels are maintained even at greater heights.
  • Illumination Intensity: High bays produce high-intensity illumination to properly light up large spaces with high ceilings, ensuring sufficient visibility for tasks and activities. Low bays provide focused illumination for areas with lower ceilings, offering adequate lighting levels for specific workstations or retail displays.

Where Are Low Bay LED Fixtures Commonly Used?

Low bay LED fixtures are found in various indoor spaces with lower ceilings, such as retail stores, workshops, small warehouses, storage facilities, parking garages and corridors.

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Brighten Your Space With Low Bay LED Lights from Revolve LED

Our low bay LED lights provide a range of benefits, including energy efficiency, extended lifespan and reduced maintenance costs. What does this mean for you? LED low bay lighting offers long-term cost savings and environmental sustainability. By choosing Revolve LED's low bay lighting, you'll enjoy the benefits of energy-efficient lighting while creating a well-lit and productive environment. Find your lighting solution today!