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About LED Flood Light

What are LED flood lights?

LED flood lights are outdoor luminaires that enhance architectural and landscape appearance at night while promoting safety and security. These versatile lighting fixtures can be tilted to achieve the desired lighting effect with select mounting options. 

What are the benefits of LED flood light?

Energy efficient LED flood lights decrease power consumption by 65%, enhance visibility for security, deters crime, eliminates maintenance and offers a fast ROI. Instant on- no start up time, Corrosion resistant, longer lifetime than metal halide or sodium vapor. 

Where are LED flood lights used?

LED flood light fixtures can be mounted at the top of buildings, on poles, on walls or on the ground. Enhance security and safety, deter crime and liabilities to parking lots, commercial and retail buildings, schools, loading docks, playgrounds, backyards and other wide open spaces. Use LED flood lights to provide illumination to landscape, signage, wall washing, flag poles or church steeples.

How many lumens do I need for a flood light?

It depends on the purpose of your application. Revolve LED can provide custom layout services or lighting recommendations to assist you in the process of achieving the outcome you expect and need - at the most competitive price. Give us a call today: 1-877-718-0808 or email us: contact@revolveled.com.