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90W led barn light with a black dusk to dawn photocell
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Konlite LED Dusk to Dawn Light - 90W - 12200 Lumens - 5000K - 120-277V - 320W Equal
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65W led barn light with a black dusk to dawn photocell
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Konlite LED Dusk to Dawn Light - 65W - 8800 Lumens - 5000K - 120-277V - 250W Equal
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Konlite LED Dusk to Dawn Light
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Konlite LED Dusk to Dawn Light - 45W - 6200 Lumens - 5000K - 120-277V - 175W Equal
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27W Konlite LED Barn light with dusk to dawn photocell
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Konlite LED Barn Light - 27W - 3850 Lumens - 5000K - 120-277V - 100W Equal
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LED Dusk-to-Dawn Lights: Not Just for Barns Anymore

LED garage light fixtures provide superior illumination so pedestrians and drivers can safely navigate their way through your garage.

The allure of barn lights is rooted in their rustic charm and functional design, illuminating outdoor spaces with both style and efficiency. Revolve LED brings this time-honored tradition into the 21st century with our advanced LED dusk-to-dawn lights. Engineered with the latest sensor technology, LED barn lights come to life as the sun sets and gracefully bow out at dawn, offering seamless, energy-efficient illumination. But these aren't just any outdoor barn lights; they reflect Revolve LED's unwavering commitment to quality, performance and sustainability. Our outdoor dusk-to-dawn lights are designed to meet diverse outdoor lighting needs, from security to aesthetics. They're an eco-friendly, high-performance lighting solution for modern living.

LED Barn Lights
LED Dusk-to-Dawn Lights

LED Barn Lights: Innovation Meets Tradition

When it comes to partnering traditional design with cutting-edge features, Revolve LED barn lights stand in a league of their own. Here are some of the key elements that set these lights apart:

  • Sensor Technology for Automatic On/Off: Gone are the days of manually switching your outdoor lights on and off. With built-in dusk-to-dawn sensors, these barn lights automatically illuminate your space as the sun sets and turn off at dawn, making them both convenient and energy-efficient.
  • Energy Efficiency: As a leader in green lighting products, Revolve LED ensures that these barn lights are designed for maximum energy savings. Because they use state-of-the-art LED technology, these lights consume significantly less electricity than other lighting options, aligning with our mission to contribute to a more sustainable future.
  • Prismatic Lens for Uniform Light Distribution: The prismatic lens is a standout feature that ensures full, bright, uniform light distribution. Whether you're lighting up a retail space, driveway or parking lot, there's no need to worry about dark spots or uneven illumination. Our dusk-to-dawn lights enhance security and visibility.
  • Weatherproof Design: Durability meets design with our weatherproof outdoor barn lights. These fixtures are crafted to withstand the elements, making them ideal for exterior applications, come rain or shine.
  • Easy Installation: Ease of installation is a hallmark of Revolve LED products, and these dusk-to-dawn lights are no exception. The lights come with everything you need for a hassle-free setup.
  • Versatile Mounting Options: We offer versatile options to suit various architectural needs, whether you prefer direct wall mounting or attaching the fixture to a pole with a horizontal mounting arm.

Where Revolve Dusk-to-Dawn Lights Shine the Brightest

Revolve LED dusk-to-dawn lights are designed to be as versatile as they are innovative. Their blend of aesthetic appeal and functional performance makes them ideal for many applications. Here's where our lights shine the brightest:

  • Security Lighting: The automatic on/off feature, coupled with bright and uniform light distribution, makes these barn lights a robust solution for enhancing security. Illuminate secluded areas, entryways or paths to deter unwelcome visitors and ensure safety.
  • Entrances and Driveways: Strategically place our LED barn lights at entrances and along driveways to provide a welcoming and well-lit path.
  • Garages, Sheds & Barns: Keep your workspaces and storage areas efficiently illuminated without the hassle of manual operation. With their rugged design, these lights are well-suited for environments that require durability and consistent performance.
  • Parking Lots: Bright and uniform lighting is critical for any parking lot. Our outdoor barn lights provide ample lighting while reducing energy consumption, offering a sustainable solution for commercial spaces.
  • Docks and Harbors: Given their weatherproof design, these lights are an excellent choice for areas exposed to the elements, like docks and harbors. The automatic dusk-to-dawn feature ensures that lighting is one less thing to worry about in these busy environments.
  • Retail Spaces: Set the ambiance for your retail space while ensuring that products and displays are well-lit and inviting. These lights offer a stylish yet practical lighting solution that aligns with the needs of modern retail.
  • Municipal Applications: City planners and municipal bodies can benefit from the energy-efficient and low-maintenance nature of these outdoor dusk-to-dawn lights, making them ideal for public spaces like parks, walkways and community centers.

Comparing LED Outdoor Barn Lights With Other Illuminaires

When selecting the right lighting solution for your outdoor spaces, it's a good idea to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of various options. Here's how Revolve LED's dusk-to-dawn barn lights stack up against other popular lighting technologies:

LED Barn Lights vs. HID or HPS Lights

LED barn lights consume far less electricity than high-intensity discharge (HID) or high-pressure sodium (HPS) lights. Over time, this translates into significant energy and cost savings. Also, LED lights have a longer lifespan than other fixtures, resulting in fewer replacements and reduced maintenance costs. As far as light quality, LED has the other two fixtures beat there, as well. LED dusk-to-dawn lights offer brighter, more uniform light distribution than HID and HPS lights, which can sometimes produce uneven lighting.

Incandescent vs. LED Dusk-to-Dawn Lights

Incandescent lights are notorious for their high energy consumption – in contrast, our LED dusk-to-dawn lights are made to be as energy-efficient as possible. In fact, LED fixtures illuminate with up to 90% greater efficiency than old-fashioned incandescent bulbs. Heat emission is also an issue with incandescent lamps, which emit considerable heat, making them less suitable for environments that need to remain cool. Contrast this to LED barn lights, which emit very little heat. Finally, unlike some incandescent bulbs, our LED outdoor dusk-to-dawn lights contain no mercury and are made from 100% recyclable materials, aligning with our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Getting it Bright: Revolve LED Dusk-to-Dawn Lights

Choose Revolve LED dusk-to-dawn lights for a perfect blend of tradition, innovation and sustainability. Whether you're enhancing the security of your property or adding that finishing touch to your outdoor aesthetic, our lights will exceed your expectations in every way. Experience superior quality, performance and efficiency today.

Frequently Asked Questions About LED Dusk-to-Dawn Lights

Following are some common questions about LED dusk-to-dawn lights. Please get in touch if you want to know more about barn lights or any of our other products.

How Do the Dusk-to-Dawn Sensors Work?

The dusk-to-dawn sensors in our barn lights automatically detect changes in natural light levels. The lights turn on as the sun sets and turn off at dawn, providing seamless, energy-efficient illumination without the need for manual operation.

Can LED Barn Lights Be Used in Commercial Settings?

Yes, LED barn lights are versatile and can be installed in commercial and residential settings. Their durability, energy efficiency and high-quality light output make them suitable for various applications, including parking lots, retail spaces and municipal projects.

What Type of Weather Conditions Can Outdoor Dusk-to-Dawn Lights Withstand?

Our outdoor dusk-to-dawn lights have weatherproof features that enable them to withstand various environmental conditions. Whether it's rain, snow or extreme temperatures, these lights are built to endure.

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