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Konlite 2 foot LED Strip Light fixture
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2FT LED Strip Fixture - Up to 3250 LM - Wattage Selectable - Kelvin 3500-4000-5000K
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LED Strip Light Fixtures for Illuminating Workspaces

LED strip light fixtures are an energy-efficient, multi-purpose lighting solution that's continued to gain popularity in recent years.

Commercial LED strip lights offer a wide range of benefits over traditional lighting sources like fluorescent fixtures. Advantages of LED strip fixtures include low energy consumption, longer lifespan and enhanced flexibility and control. As a result, these strip light fixtures have become a popular choice for task lighting in various applications.

LED strip light fixtures
Strip Light fixtures in a Garage

Commercial LED Strip Lights Work Hard for You

Industrial strip light fixtures are ideally suited to low bay lighting environments. Our selection of commercial LED strip lights is specially designed to meet the needs of diverse commercial settings, from retail stores and offices to restaurants, hotels and warehouses. Here are some of the many applications for commercial LED strip light fixtures:

  • Retail Lighting: LED strip fixtures can be used to highlight product displays, create a welcoming atmosphere and draw attention to sales and promotions.
  • Industrial Lighting: Warehouses, factories and other industrial spaces frequently use industrial LED strip lights to provide bright and reliable illumination for safety and productivity.
  • Office Lighting: Commercial LED strip lights supply task lighting for workstations, enhance ambient lighting and improve productivity and employee satisfaction in professional settings.
  • Hospitality Lighting: Strip light fixtures provide functional lighting in conference rooms and event spaces.
  • Garage Lighting: LED garage lighting fixtures ensure there's ample illumination for pedestrians and drivers to safely navigate through your garage with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions About LED Strip Light Fixtures

Following are questions customers have asked about our LED strip light fixtures. If you don’t see the answer to your question, give us a call, and we’d be more than happy to help!

What Types of Industrial LED Strip Light Fixtures Do You Sell?

We offer industrial LED strip light fixtures in three lengths: 2 feet, 4 feet and 8 feet. Our strip light fixtures produce from 1,950 to 7,800 lumens depending on your chosen light fixture. Some of our featured lights are wattage and color temperature selectable, providing our customers with maximum flexibility for their applications. We also offer emergency backup batteries to comply with local building codes.

How Are Commercial LED Strip Light Fixtures Installed?

Installation methods for commercial LED strip light fixtures vary depending on the specific fixture and application. Some fixtures are designed for surface mounting, while others have a suspension or recessed mounting. It's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and safety guidelines when installing industrial LED strip light fixtures.

Can LED Strip Fixtures Be Dimmed?

Certain LED strip fixtures can be dimmed to provide adjustable lighting levels. This is useful for creating different lighting moods, conserving energy or complying with lighting regulations.

What Are the Benefits of Commercial LED Strip Lights?

Commercial LED strip lights offer a number of benefits over fluorescents and other traditional lighting sources. LED strip light fixtures are energy-efficient, last longer and require less maintenance. They also provide bright and uniform lighting that can help improve safety, productivity and efficiency in industrial settings.

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Revolve Has the Right Commercial LED Strip Lights for Your Next Project

We're committed to supplying you with high-quality and reliable commercial LED strip lights that meet your lighting needs and exceed your expectations. Our selection of LED strip light fixtures includes a range of sizes and types to suit various commercial applications, and we offer expert advice and guidance to help you find the right solution for your space. Set up your approved preferred contractor account to enjoy numerous benefits like preferential pricing, custom quotes and advance notice of promotional events.