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Konlite LED Wall Pack Light With Photocell - 80W
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Konlite LED Wall Pack Light With Photocell - 80W - 120-277V - 11600 lumens - 5000K - 0-10V Dimmable - 320W Equal

Traditional LED Wall Pack Lights

The perfect outdoor lighting fixtures for ensuring building security.

If you're looking for outdoor lighting that can be wall mounted and projects with a more forward throw, traditional wall pack lighting may be right for you. Wall pack lights are ideal for walkways, building perimeters, entrances, loading docks, and parking areas. Konlite LED wall pack lights increase energy savings with their dusk to dawn photocell option and advanced LED technology. Our LED wall packs are perfect for upgrading any lighting system to both a more energy-efficient and cost-effective lighting solution while still keeping to a traditional wall pack design. These durable die-cast aluminium wall lights don't require any warm up time and provide the durability needed for all outdoor weather environments. Revolve LED has a range of cost effective traditional wall pack lights to meet all required lighting needs and budgets.

wall pack lights
wall pack lights

The Benefits of Traditional LED Wall Pack Lights

Whether you're retrofitting wall pack lighting to LED or just looking into outdoor LED lighting, the traditional style wall packs may suit you best if you're looking for:

  • The Classic Wall Pack Look: With the look of classic wall packs and all the advantages of modern lighting, traditional LED wall pack lights are a popular choice for building owners and contractors who want to upgrade their lights without changing the style.
  • Upgraded Technology: Compared to using a HPS or Metal Halide wall pack, LED wall pack light fixtures reduce power consumption by 65% and can offer features like wattage selectability.
  • Forward Throwing Beam Spread: The traditonal style wall pack light is perfect for lighting up both the perimeter of a building along with any nearby space like a parking lot making it a great outdoor light for commercial use. If you're in need of a Dark Sky compliant light with a downward directional beam, you may want to consider a full cutoff LED wall pack.

Looking for a Traditional Wall Pack?

If you're having trouble deciding on which is the best LED wall pack light for you, know that every application's needs differ based upon mounting height and the coverage needed. While there are many choices, our best selling wattage selectable wall pack lights aim to narrow down that search. This series of wall lights is designed to fulfill a range of needs all in one fixture. They allow you to select between different preset wattages, giving you the freedom to adjust the brightness of your wall pack light to your desired level. On each product page, we provide lighting distribution photometrics with suggested mounting heights for reference. Need some help? Our lighting specialists can assist you by providing a free lighting layout so that you know you're getting the right wall pack light for your space!

Frequently Asked Questions About Traditonal Wall Pack Lights

Want to learn more about traditional wall pack lights? Below are answers to some common questions, but we invite you to reach out if you need more information about LED wall pack lights or any of our products.

Is Light Pollution a Concern When Choosing Traditional LED Wall Pack Lighting?

It's best to check your local building codes to determine if there are any applicable regulations for your property. If reducing light pollution is a deciding factor, full-cutoff LED wall pack lighting is a great choice. If you prefer the look of the traditional wall pack, we also offer a cutoff shield that can be installed to reduce glare.

What is CCT and How Does it Apply to a Traditional LED Wall Pack Light?

Correlated color temperature (CCT) refers to the color of your LED wall pack light.

  • 3000K Warm White: A great choice for ambient and accent lighting applications, particularly for residential applications
  • 4000K Neutral Light: Ideal security and safety lighting but is used more commonly in residential applications
  • 5000K Bright White: Also a solid selection for safety and security lighting, it's the type most commonly used in and around commercial buildings and is a top pick for outdoor lighting since it's the most simliar to daylight

How do I choose the right wattage of outdoor wall light for my application?

You will find illustrations of Photometrics for each wall pack LED lights on the product page. It shows how much light and coverage at different suitable mounting heights. We also offer wattage selectable products which offer greater flexibility so you can further fine-tune the amount of light to illuminate your space.

Do LED Wall Pack Lights Come With Photocells?

Photocells enable commercial wall pack lights to automatically go on at dusk and turn off at dawn. Most of our LED Wall Pack lights are available with a dusk-to-dawn photocell option and some come with them pre-installed. It's a great feature that adds automation for a nominal price – and helps you save on energy costs.

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Revolve LED Has the High-Quality Wall Pack Lights You Need

Like all our products, our LED wall pack lights are designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability. Whether you're looking for a standard LED wall pack light or another type of energy-efficient lighting solution for your property, our team of experts is here to help. Find your wall pack lights today!