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dark bronze 100W slipfitter mount led area light with type 3 lens
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Konlite LED Outdoor Area Light - 100W - Type III - 120-277V - 13800 Lumens - 5000K - 250W Equal

Illuminate Outdoor Spaces With Brilliant LED Flood Lights

Whether you need the brightest lighting solutions for a stadium, office building or university campus, LED outdoor flood lights are the smart choice.

Light up the darkness with the superior illumination provided by LED flood lights. They cast a broad, intense beam of light over large expanses, making them a solid choice for outdoor use. With light-emitting diodes (LEDs), our commercial flood lights are long-lasting and energy-efficient compared to outdated lighting sources. Hard-working and reliable, industrial LED flood lighting is a must-have to ensure the safety of pedestrians. Another benefit of LED flood lights is they discourage potential intruders from breaking and entering. Trust Revolve for all the outdoor flood lights you need for your property.

Outdoor Flood Lights
LED flood lights

Why LED Outdoor Flood Lights Are Your Best Bet

There are many reasons why LED outdoor flood lights and other LED area lights have become the luminaires of choice for large outdoor areas. Whether you're a contractor, building manager or stadium owner, you'll appreciate this cost-effective lighting method.

  • Energy Efficient: Industrial LED flood lighting uses far less energy than halogen or incandescent light sources, resulting in impressive cost savings for your business. LEDs convert electricity into light so efficiently they create less heat, making them a safer, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional lighting sources.
  • Durable: The absence of fragile glass filaments makes commercial LED flood lights more durable. They're much less likely to become broken or damaged, making them an ideal lighting solution for outdoor applications.
  • Long Lasting: Because industrial LED flood lighting lasts so much longer than other lighting types, it's an excellent investment that will save you time and money on maintenance and replacements. LED flood lights are designed to withstand wind, rain and snow, so you're less likely to lose them during a storm.

Frequently Asked Questions About LED Flood Lights

Following are some of the questions we've received about our LED flood lights. Please get in touch if you need more information.

We have outdoor flood lights in a wide range of shapes, sizes and power levels from some of the most respected names in the industry. With so many options, we're confident you'll find the perfect solution for your particular lighting situation. Here are some of the manufacturers who supply our commercial LED flood lights:

Depending on your application, commercial flood lights can be mounted just about anywhere – atop buildings, on poles, on a wall or on the ground. Thanks to the versatility of these industrial outdoor LED flood lights, you can maneuver the fixture to point in the direction where you need to provide ample light coverage.

You'll find commercial outdoor LED flood lights guiding workers, visitors and others around your property. Following are some of the common applications for LED outdoor flood lights:

  • Driveway Entrance
  • Building Exterior
  • Landscaping
  • School/Playground
  • Loading Dock
  • Backyard/Patio
  • Signage/Flag Pole
  • Church Steeple

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Choose Revolve LED for Efficient, Reliable LED Flood Lights

We're confident you'll find the perfect LED flood lights for your property. If you don't see what you need, please let us know. We can provide custom layout services or lighting recommendations to meet your specifications – at the most competitive price possible. Place your order at Revolve LED today!