LED Parking Lot Pole Lighting

For parking lot or area lights in the market, the most popular light distributions are Type III, Type IV and Type V. Choosing the right beam distribution deters light pollution, helps avoid over lighting an area and allows you to achieve top performance from the LED area light.  Here are a few easy guidelines to follow for your selection:

Choosing a distribution type based on light pole or fixture mounting position:

The area light fixtures with Type III or Type IV distribution have a forward throw pattern driving most light in a frontwards direction, so the fixtures can be installed on the edge of open areas or on the wall of a building. Choosing a suitable distribution based off the size of a parking lot area is the best way to achieve premium lighting uniformity. 

In some applications, LED pole Lights with Type III distribution and Type IV distribution are also used as the replacements in the middle of parking lot. Those pole lights are mostly used with multi-head arrangements as 2-4 heads like back-back, 3 @120 degrees or 4 @ 90 degree.With Type V (umbrella light pattern), the fixture spreads out light in all around 4 directions. Type V is generally used in the middle of parking areas. A one-head Type V fixture can sometimes replace multi-head Type III or Type IV fixtures when it’s bright enough.

Different Light distributions in the parking lots around the building:

Choosing a light distribution type based on Spacing/MH (Mounting Height) ratio and the transverse width/MH ratio.

The spacing of two light poles and the transverse width vary in parking lot areas. Calculating the Spacing/MH and Transverse width/MH ratios may provide the most accurate way to determine the distribution for your LED pole lights or area lights. The table below shows the ratio tolerances for the best lighting distribution performance. Different area lights ratio tolerances may vary, these are for the Konlite AL0204 series area light selection.

Choosing a light distribution type based on the existing HID fixtures:

Choosing a light distribution can be an easy task on an existing HID retrofit.

When HID bulbs are installed at the side of the fixture, the reflector is asymmetric. You can use Type III or Type IV to do the replacement. For those fixtures with a HID bulb in the middle of the fixture, the reflector inside is usually a round shape (symmetric) and you can use the Type V to do the replacement.

If you need a more specific lighting layout for your parking lot, please submit your requirements on Lighting Layout Request Page or give us a call at: 877-718-0808

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